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Stuart Weitzman Shoes Online Give Everyone Three Reasons To Wear His Footwear. Learn The Secrets And Be Inspired To Wear Comfort, Quality And Remarkable Fashion

Stuart Weitzman Wedge Heel Sandals at Genuine Leather Wear .comThe three reasons for wearing Weitzman shoes results because their designer is passionate and serious about designing shoes to make women happy, to make them smile and to give them lasting memories. It is not the brand recognition but a womans feeling of inspiration and comfort that is the trademark of these well-known and deeply loved shoes.

Enjoy Comfort

Stuart Weitzman, who has been the designer of shoes for over sixty years, has a knack of identifying by sight how a toe box and heel will fit and instinctively knows how to make the necessary tweaks until it is perfectly comfortable. Of course he has had years of experience starting at the age of sixteen with his shoemaker father coupled with feedback from his factory women shoe testers. No shoe is ready for sale until it has the perfect fit and feel by various women in the Spain manufacturing factory.

Stuart Weitzman Sandals at Genuine Leather Wear .comThroughout his lifetime Stuart has always been the designer of the shoes; however in 1994 he was able to own the entire manufacturing process including shipment at the nine plants in Elba, Spain. Owning the entire process provided the complete control needed to ensure only well designed and well-fitted shoes left the plant. At the age of 74, Weitzman decided it was time to take action regarding the legacy of his shoes. In 2015, following much research, meetings and interviews, he chose to sell the Weitzman Shoe business to Coach since their design principles and shoe philosophy closely resembled Stuarts. Even to this day, Stuart is still designing shoes with joy and excitement seeking to put smiles on women’s faces with Coach, but is doubly happy because he knows his designing legacy will live beyond him.

Find Quality

Stuart Weitzman High Heel at Genuine Leather Wear .comStuart Weitzman shoes are manufactured in Spain with the highest quality leather. Spain is Europe’s second-largest shoe manufacturing hub where the footwear of many top luxury brands, including Stuart Weitzman is made. The leather is oil tanned so that it is softer and can produce a wide variety of colors from black to bright pink and teal, which makes it the choice for the fashion industry where trends change quickly.

In addition, the quality of workmanship and attention to detail with each product are elements which increase the quality greatly.

Be Inspired

Stuart Weitzman High Heel Sandals at Genuine Leather Wear .comThe younger generation is easily inspired by heel height and shape without feeling any discomfort; however the aging baby boomers seek more and more comfort to keep their fashion inspiration. The Weitzman shoe design is accommodating the aging generation by using a softer tanning process for the upper part of the shoe and including flexible soles, which make even higher heels tolerable.

Shoe Styles For The Female Gender

The Stuart Weitzman shoe collections are for women, girls and baby girls. The male gender footwear is not included. As Stuart has always said, “I like bringing inspiration to the female gender”. The various styles include sandals, pumps, flats, loafers, slip-ons, fashion sneakers, and boots for women; flats, sandals and boots for girls; and shoes for baby girls. Each of these styles is a work of art.

The most popular sandal styles include heels with no height, stack, platform, wedge, and high; straps around the ankle, sling-back, and across the mid foot with some forming a T and Gladiators; pumps with and without an open toe; decorations of tassels, bows , studs and so much more.

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To aid your shopping we provide the shoe collections by style including strap type and heel height. Discover Weitzman shoes now and be inspired yourself.

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