Kenneth Cole Leather Messenger Bag – Genuine Leather Wear

Kenneth Cole leather messenger bags are very popular. They are made of genuine leather, are durable, look professional, are very functional and are rated highly by consumers.

Made of Genuine Leather and durable
Kenneth Cole messenger bags are made from Columbia cow hide or calf skin. The full grain leather bags are made from cow hide. The original grain of the leather has not been altered by buffing or sanding. This type of leather is preferred by those who like the uniqueness of the grain with slight imperfections. This grade of leather ages very well – becoming more pleasing to the eye as time passes. This is the strongest and most durable grade of leather.

Other Kenneth Cole messenger bags are made from top grain. This grade of leather is not quite as strong and durable as the full grain; however it is strong enough to last many years. Its appearance does not beautify with age.

Look professional.
Leather always makes a professional statement. Leather provides the classic business-like look. The bags are made versatile enough for both men and women. Brown is the most preferred color by women.

Very Functional
The messenger bag is often used by men as a handbag and a replacement handbag for women. They have small zippered pockets to hold keys and credit cards and smaller beauty items. They hide those personal unruly, bulky easy to loose items.

The bags are very useful as a business bag. They are designed to keep up with the latest technology. Most of them provide a pocket for the blackberry, the gig memory sticks, a Kindle or i-Pad, a cell phone and a laptop under 15 inches.

They are big enough to carry legal sized documents, a data planner reading material and a few office reports. Because the messenger bag opens from the top, important papers and reading material will not get bent when they are retrieved.

Messenger bags are easy to wear since they have a shoulder strap which is adjustable making it easy to switch them from side to side or in front of you. Some of the bags have detachable straps and others have both a strap and a small handle.

Plan before you buy
Is leather grain important to you and your budget is not limited? A full grain messenger bag will be the best choice because it is stronger, beautifies as it ages, is more resistant to and recovers from scuffs and scratches better.

How are you going to use the bag? Do you plan on using the messenger bag for multiple purposes including carrying a laptop? Note the dimensions of the bag and determine if the laptop will fit. Decide what the maximum number of other paper sized items you wish to include. Is there room for everything? Do you want to carry your Blackberry, some business cards, a credit card, gig memory sticks and some pens? Are there enough pockets? Are the pockets zippered for security?

Do you need the flexibility to hand carry or shoulder wear the bag? The Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage A Brief History, K.Cole Leather 15.4″ Portfolio, Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage Mind Your Own Business, Kenneth Cole Reaction Business and Luggage Columbian Leather, Kenneth Cole Messenger Bag, and Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage Show Business offer both options.

Do you have a preference for bag closure? Magnetic closures may not stay closed if you have too much weight. Buckle closures and tuck lock closures handle weight easier; however they are more cumbersome to close.

Do you plan on wearing light clothes when you carry the messenger bag? Light brown full grain leather is the best. It will not bleed coloring on your clothing.

Consumer ratings
The Kenneth Cole Messenger bags are very popular. They look professional; they are made of genuine leather; they are easy to carry and they provide multiple pockets for organization and some are zippered for protection of important small personal and electronic items.

Of the 265 customer reviews received 90% rated the bags ‘4’ or ‘5’ good to top notch. 5% rated them as OK, because they expected more after looking at the pictures; 5% rated them as ‘1’ because they found scratches on the leather. They were able to get a replacement bag.

Check the Kenneth Cole leather messenger bags here now for as little as $70 (top grain) and up to $185 (full grain). You will be glad you did.

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