How To With Clarks Shoes

How To With Clarks Shoes

Discover Five Reasons Why Clarks Shoes Are For Everyone

Find Stylish Fashion And Innovative Comfort For All Occasions All Year Long

Clarks Shoes How To Makes Them A Must Own

Learn the How To With Clarks Shoes

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Learn the How To With Clarks Shoes
Clarks shoes are top rated footwear every family member can be proud to wear. Their rich history of premium quality, innovative comfort, and stylish fashion make them highly desirable.
The how to with Clarks shoes makes a fashion statement for all seasons, all occasions, and all walks of life. They know how to make a comfortable, light weight, water proof, perspiration controlled, cushioned support, fashion styled shoe with premium material at great value.

What is the How To With Clarks Shoes That Makes Them So Desirable

Clarks Shoe History Establishes Leading Technology and Premium Quality

clarks-the-desert-bootSince 1825, Clarks, originally a British based manufacturer and retailer for four generations gradually expanded and acquired additional footwear and leather technology expertise from Blanchard in Toronto Canada, the Bostonian and the Wallabee reorganizing in 2010 into a four region business (Americas, Asia, Pacific and Europe) with manufacturing in Asia, has been actively involved in the art of shoe making starting with a quality shaped last carved by hand for shaping each shoe to manually inspecting each piece of leather for size and quality ensuring matching finish for each pair.

clarks-engiand-since-1825Year after year Clarks has engaged technology, craftsmanship and public demand to excel in consumer satisfaction.

Clarks Shoe Technology Unmistakably Supports Walking Comfort

Understanding the structure of feet and the dynamics of a natural walking gait has resulted in five types of comfort technologies.

The WaveWalk, designed for the business casual and all casual wearer, features a uniquely curved sole designed to allow the foot to roll smoothly and relax with each step.

The Cushion Plus, designed for the formal and business wearer, applies dual density cushioning to reduce the strain on the ball of the foot and support the dynamics of walking a natural gait resulting in shoes that are comfortable for hours.

The Unstructured, designed for the business casual and the all casual wearer, utilizes injection molded EVA (Ethylene vinyl acetate) which has a better bounce and increased cushioning responsiveness. The walking motion is eased, in-sole boards and toe puffs are eliminated and inside seaming is minimized and no shoe break-in is required. In addition, the EVA midsole with rubber strike pads is lighter requiring less energy and improving traction.

flex-3-decoupled-soleThe Trigenic Flex (Flex 3 and Rock), designed for men and women, shpes to the natural contours of the foot and flexes in sync with the foots motion during the natural sequence of walking. The shape of the sole is slimmed down and combined with support for each stage of impact: the heel, the ball and the toe area. The uppers are crafted with premium leather in panel formation angled and interlocked for optimum comfort.

Air Spring FX, designed for kids, uses the open-cell structure of a slow recovery foam made with 50 percent bio-oil content which provides cushioning which absorbs the impact of every step.

A Max Spring FX, designed for kids, provides a responsive underfoot gel and flexes with the natural movement of the foot to cushion the foot and keep it from getting tired.

Clarks Shoe Technology Protects Feet From Over Heating

Feet have a tendency to get warm and moist even without activity; therefore some type of circulating system is necessary. Clarks provides six options.

clarks-unstructured-ortholite-acs-shoeThe Clarks Air Circulation System (ACR) is a technology which brings fresh air from outside the shoe and vents the warm and moist air away from inside the shoe through the internal air channels. Cool feet feel fresh and more comfortable all day.

The Active Air Vent system utilizes a pump in the heel which draws fresh air into the shoe and circulates it around the foot before expelling it through concealed micro-channels.. Test show that moist air inside the shoe may be replaced with fresh air every ten steps.

OrthoLite is an open-cell slow recovery foam made with 50 percent bio-oil content which provides anti-odor properties which kills and inhibits the growth of microorganisms, breath-ability and moisture wicking which pulls moisture from the feet to the exterior of the shoe and evaporates.

Agion is a zeolite group of minerals which readily dehydrate and re hydrate thus preventing respiration which inhibits microbe cell division and metabolism.

Gore-Tex membrane is a breathable fabric (membrane) which has pores 700 times larger than water vapor molecules which allows perspiration to pass right through the shoe.

Machine Washable, designed for kids, is constructed for the active little feet that perspire profusely causing strong undesirable odors. No chemicals needed to handle the odor of these shoes, sandals and sneakers. Just throw them in the washing machine to wash at 30°C with a non-bio detergent.

Clarks Shoe Technogolgy Keeps Feet Dry

trigenic-dry-gore-texGore Tex is a waterproof breathable designed membrane with microscopic pores 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet thus preventing rain from penetrating it. Gore Tex is combined with an inner lining and protective knit which keeps active feet dry and at just the right temperature.

Clarks Shoe Fashion, Utility and Comfort Stand Out In a Good Way

Clarks is known for innovation especially with its Desert Boot and Trigenic Flex Active Wear. In addition Clarks includes the familiar looking shoes (active, casual and dressy), boots, sandals and slippers. Their footwear comes in many styles, sole support types, foot perspiration control technologies, material (most are real leather), stitching, closures, sizes, widths, colors, upper heights, heel heights, and uses (indoor and outdoor).

wallabee-colaWith the acquisition of other shoe factories, Clarks has expanded their fashion brands to include Blanchard, the Bostonian and the Wallabee.

What Is The How To With Clarks Shoes To Keep The Leather Luxurious

Cleaning Leather Shoes With Soap Is A No No

High quality leather is naturally porous; therefore washing them with soap and water will cause them to absorb the soap which in turn will extract the oil from the leather and result in leather dry out, discoloration and stains.

Clean Leather With A Leather Polish or Foaming Cleanser Based on Leather Type

Full Grain Leather
clarks-shoe-care-kitFor protection when full grain leather wear is new out of the box, use a Water and Stain Protectant Spray

For leather wear already worn, apply a Leather Polish using a dry rag and allowing it to dry 30 minutes in order for the polish to clean, polish and moisturize the leather.

Suede or Nubuck Leather
Gently apply a Suede and Nubuck Foaming Cleanser with an applicator. Scrub lightly, whip away with a soft rag and let dry for 30 minutes to clean and condition.

Weather Proofing Leather Wear

When the leather is clean and dry, lightly spray on a Water and Stain Protectant. This will weather proof your leather.

Removing Salt Stains is Imperative

Salt stains can be removed by making a water vinegar solution: 2 parts water 1 part vinegar. Dampen a clean cloth with the solution and wipe the leather gently. Remove the water vinegar solution with a water dampened rag. Wait for the leather to dry.

How to Maintain Long Lasting Beauty

After wearing, check the leather for signs of dirt and stains. Apply a Leather Polish or Foaming Cleanser based on the type of leather the footwear is made from. Allow the cleaner to dry. Then apply a Water and Stain Protectant to keep your leather in great condition.

Even The Inside Of Leather Wear Should Be Cleaned Once A Month

If your shoes are worn frequently, it is best to clean the inside at least once a month. Add a few drops of detergent and baking soda to some water to form a paste. Wet a soft rag with the paste and wipe the full interior of the shoe or boot. Allow the leather wear to dry for 15 minutes. Wipe The reside paste way with a dry clean rag.

What Is The How To With Clarks Shoes Ordering Correct Size And Width

foot-measuring-at-genuine-leather-wearSince ordering online is so convenient and popular it is important to invest in a Foot Measuring Device. A good one can be purchased for less than $25. Clark footwear is made to fit comfortably well; therefore it is important to measure your foot even if you think you know your shoe size and width. Size and width do change over time.
A good fitting shoe or boot is one that is not too snug or too loose. The foot should be able to move slightly and have the ability to wiggle and curl the toes. If the foot feels pinched or constricted the footwear is too tight.

What Do You Think

Knowing the how to with Clarks Shoes and all their footwear has amazed you, right. Learn even more about their specific styles to experience their footwear support and walking comfort, their air circulating system, their weather proofing feature, their exquisite fashion and utility, and their easy care leather that is designed for long lasting pleasure.

Shop Clarks Leather Shoes For Women. They are worth checking out!