Genuine Leather Business Card Holder


Leather business card holders are a must have for those who received and give out business cards. Why leather? Read further to find out why.

Which Leather Business Card Holders Are Made of Genuine Leather?
If you only want to buy genuine leather card holders, read the product label before you buy. The following terms used are NOT genuine leather: bonded leather, faux leather, leather look, vinyl leather. At Genuine Leather Wear we sell only genuine leather products.

Why Leather Business Card Holders?
Leather is most durable. Business card holders made from leather last at least four times longer than man made materials. Leather also has the following advantages.

  • Will not tear, rip or wear a hole
  • Ages beautifully
  • Has character and surface depth
  • Is not ruined by scuff marks or scratches
  • Can be easily cleaned.

Leather is a status symbol. Executives and those climbing up the corporate ladder are known to own leather business accessories.

What styles of leather business card holders?
Leather business card holders come in many styles. Styles include the business card case, the holder, and the binder/ organizer.

  • The business card case provides pockets into which business cards can be placed. It is most commonly used to carry in your briefcase, messenger bag, laptop bag or pocket.
  • The business card holder provides a container where business cards can be placed. It is most commonly placed on your office desk so clients who stop buy can conveniently grab one for future reference.
  • The business card binder/organizer provides several windows for storing individual business cards for easy reference. The cards can be filed alphabetically.

What leather business card holders does GenuineLeatherWear provide?
We believe in providing those leather business card holders that are made from genuine leather and have been owned and rated highly by consumers. We also endeavor to provide different styles and sizes at competitive prices to meet your various business card holder needs.

Check out what we have now. You will be glad you did.

Genuine Leather Business Card Holders

Wallet Card Holder
Samsill Regal Leather
Business Card Wallet
Holds 25 Cards
Black (81220)
Samsill Regal Leather<br>Business Card Wallet<br>Holds 25 Cards

Scully-Italian-leather-Business-Card-Case Italian leather
Business Card Case
Scully Italian Leather
Business Card Case
# 3033 Black
Scully Italian Leather<br>Business Card Case <br># 3033 Black

Flip Card Holder

HDE (TM) Leather
Flip Business Card
Holder Case Black
HDE (TM) Leather<br>Flip Business Card<br>Holder Case Black
Rustic Leather
Business Card Holder

Rustic Leather
Business Card Holder
Rustic Leather<br>Business Card Holder
Bosca Business
Card Box

Bosca Old Leather
Card Holder Brown
Bosca Old Leather<br> Card Holder Brown
Card Holder

Saddleback Leather
Wallet Business Card
Holder Chestnut
Saddleback Leather <br>Wallet Business Card <br>Holder Chestnut