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Dionigi Italian leather messenger bags are highly desirable because they are individually hand crafted from hides using the old world tanning processes. The Dionigi artisan shop has existed since 1930 in the hidden hills of southern Italy in the town of Cava de’ Tirreni. Today Vincenzo and his highly skilled craftsmen work in the Dionigi artisan shop.

They have a passion for fine leather and the patience to wait for the completion of the aging process to create a piece of leather that will last a lifetime, have the unmistakable aroma of real leather which continues to increase in beauty as it ages.

Brand Names

The Dionigi genuine Italian leather bags are known by the following brand names: Lavoro, Storia, and Vincino. These are Italian names. Lavoro means work or task which is very fitting for its intended use. Storia means history or historical. Vicino means nearby or neighboring. Each of these names is very appropriate for the area from which they come. Dionigi is nestled back in the hills; the shop has seen many hard working artisans creating bags of elegance and durability. This is a place filled with the history of the old world vegetable tanning process and those who live in the area are very friendly.


Quality and Durability

The Dionigi leather messenger bags are made from genuine full grain vegetable-tanned Italian leather. Full grain is the top portion of the hide with the vertical fibers and next section where the vertical and horizontal fibers meet; this is the strongest part of the hide.

Vegetable tanning also increases the strength of the leather. Full grain leather will not wear out; it develops a natural ‘Patina’ and grows more beautiful with age. Applying additional oil to the natural oil of the hide, the leather is protected from water soaking. The original grain of the hide is not altered as the grade known as top grain is. Great care is taken in making each one; they are hand crafted to the finest finished presentation.

Style with Functionality

The Dionigi messenger bags are popular with both men and women. To professionals, Italian leather bags are a status symbol.

The rigid structure of each of the brands varies. The Lavoro is semi rigid. If the messenger bag is placed on the floor the bag will stand up rather than fold over and collapse. This is the brand that can be used for carrying a laptop. The leather protects it from minor impact. Buying an additional padded sleeve for your laptop is smart however to protect it against harder knocks.

The bags are easy to access with a magnetized flap. They provided separate compartments and zippered pockets in the front and back to organize and protect your more valuable items. They also have two small interior accessory pockets. The pockets are meant to accommodate your electronic accessories such as a Kindle, credit cards, cell phone, blackberry or gig memory stick.

The Dionigi messenger bags are very easy to wear. They have a comfortable adjustable strap which can be shorted to 25 inches or lengthened to 26 inches.

Plan Before Buying

Are you looking for a messenger bag to carry your laptop? The Lavoro brand is made to be flexible for carrying a computer because it has a sleeve that can be used to protect your computer or moved out of the way so there is only main compartment.

Do you expect to wear your back rather than carry it? These bags are meant to wear on the shoulder.

Do you expect your bag to last a life time? These bags are hand crafted with the finest quality of Italian leather and will last a life time.

Do you want a magnetic closure that will stay closed? The magnetic closures on these bags are heavy-duty.

Are you looking for an interior lining that adds a touch of personality? The Storia messenger bag linings certainly do that with their retro-plain design.

Are you looking for a bag that will keep small items in there rightful place? These bags have two small interior accessory pockets, and a large zippered pocket in the front and back. The Storia has an additional small vertical zippered pocket in the front flap.

Consumer Ratings

The Dionigi Genuine Leather Messenger bags are highly rated by consumers. 94% of those who reviewed the bags rated them a ‘4’ or ‘5’ good to top notch. The most repeated comments are how beautiful the leather and grain are; and how strong the leather is, and how useful the pockets are.

Unlike most bags the straps are cotton twill which means the bag won’t slide around when its on ones shoulder. The bags are filled with small pockets; two zippered. The hardware is matte antiqued silver. The Storia has two tall pockets on the outside which are extremely useful as pen holders.

Consumers like the aroma of genuine leather. The Lavoro messenger bags are full grain, softer Sauvage leather which is something that will break in as you use it. The Dionigi messenger bags look fashionable for both men and women.

Check the Dionigi full grain genuine leather messenger bags here now for as little as $269 and up to $325. You will be glad you did.

Dionigi Full Grain Genuine Leather Messenger Bags

STORIA II - Italian Leather Messenger Bag, Classic Dark Leather
Storia II

STORIA II - Italian Leather Messenger Bag, Classic Dark Leather