Brand Name Genuine Leather

Do you wish you knew more about brand name genuine leathers? Who manufacturers are? Kinds of hide used? Kind of tanning process used to change the hide to leather? Many leather brand names have been around for a long time. In fact many of them are common household names; however most shoppers know very little about the designer and manufacturer of the brand.

The following information is provided to help you know more about the brand, manufacturer and designer of the genuine leather products you are interested in, features the following genuine leather brands. Click on the list below to find out more about each of the brands and their manufacturer.

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Because designers and manufacturers desire their leather goods to be sold so many leather lovers can enjoy the look, feel and smell of genuine leather products, they rely on various marketing strategies. The above listed brands and designer goods are sold on Amazon. earned top marks for price selection and product quality making it the best major retailer for small purchases for the fourth year in a row. Consumer Reports Buying Guide 2010.